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Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent

The Company protects the personal information You provide as part of Your application process. This information is collected and used to determine application eligibility and ensure You receive a high level of customer service. The information collected may include:

Full Name;
Date of Birth;
Home, mobile and / or business phone number;
Home or Business address;
Email addresses;
CRN and other Payment Details (including bank account information); and How Your Information is used, stored and shared.
The personal information You provide is kept in compliance with our Security Policy (set out below) and is only shared with individuals and companies relevant to Your business with us. Information is most commonly used in reference to:

Servicing You as a customer and supplying the products You request;
Managing Your account;
Billing and collection of payments; and Providing information about new products or offers available.
Your information may be shared with companies or organizations for purposes relating to the management of Your account. Third parties that may require Your information are those charged with the following processes - if applicable to Your situation:

Mailing systems;
Freight dispatch and collection services;
Suppliers directly responsible for order fulfillment;
Maintenance and repairs service;
Debt recovery operators;
Credit reporting agencies;
Banking and payment processing providers; and Our professional advisers: accountants, lawyers, auditors and IT developers. Security Policy

The Company is committed to the safety and security of the information You provide. Robust security systems and procedures are in place to ensure Your data is protected from unauthorised access. These systems are continually being reviewed and upgraded to ensure ongoing data safety. In addition to this, all employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and contractors must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

You are welcome to contact us if You have any problems or questions regarding how we manage Your personal information. If You are still not satisfied, You may contact the Privacy Commissioner at