Freedom Cars Subscription | No lock in Contracts, Cancel Anytime



You can buy a car outright, lease a car for a few years, or rent a car for a few days. But what about a monthly car subscription that bundles all running costs together?

So what exactly is a car subscription, and why are vendors growing at pace?

With Freedom Cars – it means you get a car from its fleet for a weekly fee that includes registration, insurance, maintenance and roadside assist. Sort of like an all-inclusive lease.

Freedom Cars is the only company in this space of cheap to midrange cars that you can Subscribe too without any commitment and because payments are weekly you can cancel anytime.

The difference between a typical lease and a car subscription is the period of time people tend to use subscription services, compared to two-plus years for a lease or purchase, 1-14 days for a rental, and less than a day for car-sharing. This, presents a “major gap”.

The claimed upsides are flexibility, with punters able to cancel at anytime and to switch into a different car to suit changing needs at predetermined intervals. Customers who subscribe also avoid the issue of depreciation. Of course, convenience comes with a price tag attached.

Freedom Cars offices also cater to short term Rentals – daily, weekly or monthly. Also they have a offer for International Students who prefer to Subscribe to a newer or new car due to not being able to secure finance to purchase a car.

The company says its clients include people who need a vehicle to start work such as apprentices and tradies, are unable to secure finance to buy a car or are a traveller or on work placement, or are a Visa holder that can’t get finance.

Freedom Cars has car access solutions for everyone with no restrictive age entry or credit checks.

Freedom Cars is all about vehicle flexibility and ease of obtaining mobility when needed.


Freedom Cars has offices in most states